The Physicians Spine and Rehabilitation Specialists is excited to announce the launch of the Rizor Institute, a comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation program for the treatment of high impact chronic pain. As a response to the ongoing opioid epidemic, this program provides local, residential treatment for injured workers that will help recover, restore function, and control pain while decreasing reliance on opioids and medical interventions.

The opioid epidemic has brought with it a prevalence of high impact chronic pain, a condition described by the CDC as “chronic pain with significant limitation on major life domains, including work, social, recreational, and self-care activities”. In 2016, high impact chronic pain affectedover19 million Americans. Within this group, adults who were previously but not currently employed outnumbered those who were either currently employed or who had never been employed by a factor of more than 2:1. (MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep 2018:67:1001-1006)

Addressing the root causes of high impact chronic pain requires a team of specialists – physicians, nurses, physical and occupational therapists, and cognitive-behavioral therapists – working together to effect a highly coordinated course of action. A residential treatment setting is also necessary, as conditions in the home environment are often key factors in the development and re-enforcement of high impact chronic pain.

The Physicians Spine and Rehabilitation Specialists is responding to this need by providing the first dedicated inpatient rehabilitation program in Georgia to address high impact chronic pain in workers. Located just northeast of Atlanta, in Suwanee, GA, the Rizor Institute exemplifies the ongoing commitment of The Physicians to address the opioid epidemic on a local level, and to provide an individualized, multidisciplinary program that will reduce the need for medications and facilitate the opportunity to return to work and to life.

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Rizor Institute

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