Why genetic testing?

Have you ever wondered why a drug will work for one person and not another person with the same diagnosis? It could be something in their genes! Just as genes contribute to differences in hair or eye color, inherited differences in your genes can affect your individual response to medications.

How does genetic testing work?

A simple and safe cheek swab is taken to obtain DNA. Our testing service then pinpoints specific genes that control your body’s ability to process certain prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs.

What are the benefits of genetic testing?

Armed with the knowledge of your genetic status, your physician can better predict what your response will be to certain drugs. The benefit to you, once genetic testing has been done, is that your provider can then:

  1. Ensure you receive medications that will work properly for you
  2. Pinpoint the optimal dosage range for your medications
  3. Help you avoid taking medication that could have dangerous side effects

How often will I need to have genetic testing done?

Your genetic make-up does not change over time. Once you are tested, you can keep your genetic test results for the rest of your life and share them with future care professionals.