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Workers’ Compensation Referral

Our physicians take a functional and rehabilitative approach to pain management and are highly knowledgeable of Georgia Workers’ Compensation guidelines and protocol. Our main objective when treating injured workers is to get them functional and back on the job as quickly as possible. Our physicians work closely with employers, case managers, carriers and the injured worker to achieve that goal.

  1. Focus on non-narcotic options for pain relief
  2. Full-time Workers’ Compensation Coordinator
  3. New patient appointments offered within 72 hours
  4. All visits provided by a medical doctor
  5. Specific work status documented and communicated
  6. Comprehensive Assessment and Management Program for work injuries
  7. All physicians Board Certified with Added Qualification in Pain Management

Fill out our Workers' Compensation Referral form below:

man carrying beams

We are happy to offer these and other services for your workers’ compensation needs:

  1. IMEs, second opinions, case and record reviews
  2. Routine drug screening
  3. Pre-surgical evaluations
  4. Impairment ratings
  5. Utilization reviews

For more information, or for assistance in scheduling a patient, please contact our Workers’ Compensation Team at (404) 574-1533 or email us at