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Secure online access to your health information

The Physicians Spine and Rehabilitation Specialists is a member of a network of physician practices that uses Eclinical-Works, a secure system that allows you access to your medical record in real-time and enables you to contact our office electronically—anytime, anyplace, and on any device! Our patient portal is available 24 hours a day for you to review your health records and conduct non-urgent communications with our offices.

Smartphone with login screen

Stay informed and take charge of your health

Access your health record with the Healow™ smartphone app. Along with the features you get with our Patient Portal, the Healow app allows you to manage multiple accounts, set medication and appointment reminders, and use trackers to help maintain your health. This mobile app is a secure and convenient way to manage what’s important and puts YOU in control of your health.

Download it for free!

The patient portal and Healow app are not to be used for urgent or emergency communications, nor is communication through the portal or app intended to replace an office visit. Please do not send messages through the patient portal or Healow app that require immediate medical attention. Please contact your local office if you do not receive a response within 72 hours.