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A thoracic transforaminal epidural injection is a minimally invasive procedure used to alleviate pain in the thoracic region, which includes the upper to the middle part of the back. This technique involves injecting steroids into the epidural space near the nerve root exiting from the thoracic spine. The steroids reduce inflammation and numb the nerve, temporarily relieving pain.

This treatment is commonly used for thoracic spine pain (TSP) and is usually performed as a minor surgical intervention at an ambulatory surgery center. The steroids injected into the epidural space are believed to alleviate neuropathic pain by reducing deafferentation and inhibiting inflammation.

Our team of skilled physicians uses this technique to deliver steroids directly into the epidural space around the spinal nerve. This reduces inflammation and relieves pain for herniated discs, spinal stenosis, and other thoracic spinal conditions. We are dedicated professionals here to help you on your journey to recovery.

At The Physicians Spine & Rehabilitation Center, we understand that each patient's journey is unique, which is why we develop personalized treatment plans that take into account your specific needs and conditions. We aim to help you regain mobility, reduce pain, and enhance your overall quality of life. Trust us to provide compassionate care and expert treatment on your path to recovery.

Specialized Thoracic Spine Pain Treatment in Atlanta, GA

Treating Persistent Thoracic Spine Pain with Thoracic Transforaminal Epidural Injection

The thoracic transforaminal epidural injection is a specialized treatment designed to alleviate the pain resulting from an inflamed nerve in your thoracic spine. It's particularly beneficial for conditions such as herniated discs, spinal stenosis, or any other problem that exerts pressure on your nerves.

Patients who could benefit from this procedure often experience:

  • Persistent, severe pain in the upper or mid-back
  • Pain radiating towards the chest, arms, or abdomen
  • Nerve irritation leading to discomfort or abnormal sensations
  • Chronic pain post thoracic spine surgery

The thoracic transforaminal epidural injection process involves:

  • Preparation: You will be asked to lie down and may be given medication to help you relax. An injection of local anesthetic is used to numb the targeted area.
  • Placing the Needle: A needle is inserted through the numb area using a " fluoroscope " video device for guidance. This helps ensure the needle reaches the epidural space - the area surrounding your inflamed nerve. Contrast dye may be injected to confirm the needle's correct placement.
  • Injection: The therapeutic medication is then injected, bathing the painful nerve and alleviating pain and swelling. If there are multiple inflamed nerves causing discomfort, additional injections may be necessary.
  • End of Procedure: After the injection, you will be monitored for a short time before being allowed to go home. Multiple sessions may be required per your doctor's personalized treatment plan to benefit from the treatment fully.

The thoracic transforaminal epidural injection offers numerous advantages:

  • Significant relief from chronic thoracic back pain, improving quality of life
  • A non-surgical, minimally invasive alternative to more complex procedures
  • Rapid decrease in inflammation and associated pain
  • Enhanced mobility and physical capabilities, allowing for a more active lifestyle

At The Physicians Spine & Rehabilitation Center, we recognize the profound impact of chronic back pain on your everyday life. That's why we're dedicated to offering cutting-edge treatments like the thoracic transforaminal epidural injection, aiming to provide effective pain relief and an overall improved sense of well-being.

Don't let chronic back pain rule your life. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our experienced medical team. Discover how thoracic transforaminal epidural injections can help you to regain control over your life and live pain-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of steroids are used in thoracic transforaminal epidural injections?

The specific type of steroid used can vary, but they're all designed to reduce inflammation and alleviate pain. Your healthcare provider will choose the most appropriate steroid for your situation

How long does it take for the injection to work, and how long does the relief last?

The time it takes for the injection to work can vary from person to person, but many patients experience relief within a few days. The duration of relief also varies, but it can last for several weeks to a few months. Your doctor will discuss what you can expect based on your specific condition

Do you accept insurance for spinal pain?

Yes! The Physicians believe that leading-edge care for chronic spinal pain should be accessible to everyone who needs it, and we’re proud to accept insurance from providers across the Atlanta area  Visit our insurance page to see our list of accepted providers.

How can I get started with the best spinal pain specialist near me?

If you're experiencing thoracic spine pain and are looking for the best specialist near you, The Physicians Spine & Rehabilitation Specialists can help. You can easily schedule an appointment with us through our online tool or by giving us a call. Our team of experts will assess your condition and provide personalized treatment options to help alleviate your pain. Don't wait any longer, contact us today.